History and local culture

The Alps of Haute Provence are multiple. They are defined by their colours : the one so typical of lavender fields, those of ochres, as in the gorges of Roussillon and in Rustrel, or in azure blue. this pure blue of the sky of Provence. From aquatic discoveries (Lake of Esparron) to cultural visits (they are multiple), your steps will always lead you to a surprise because the Haute-Provence is unsuspected, full of resources, wonders to discover during this stay... and the next. 


The addresses we suggest around us,to excite your taste buds...

Butchery "La Brindille Melchio" à Banon ​

This butchery who opened in 1992, is a family history where passion of craftmanship ist mixed up with the flavor of the region.You will find fine sausages of different flavors called "twigs" hanging of the ceiling of the shop as well as the real homemade chestnut cream. You will also find a wide range of other local products, especially cheese. You may want to buy everything.

​​Markets in Forcalquier

The big weekly Forcalquier market which contains more than 200 boothes aroundplace du Bourguet, place Martial Sicard et place Saint-Michel takes place every Monday morning.   The farmer's market takes place every Thursday from 3 to 7 p.m. There are about twenty small farmers and little companies proposing organic, natural and local products. Lots of free car parks nearby.

The cheese dairy of Banon

It's in the middle of an oaktree park in the very heart of the Haute-Provence, wher the cheese dairy has been situated since 1958. L'entreprise artisanale fabrique et commercialise le The crafts company manufactures and sells "Banon" cheese as well as a wide range of fresh and refined goat cheeses.

Saint-Michel observatory

The Haute-Provence observatory is a part of the national organisation CNRS dedicated to research in astronomy, environement and athmosphere.It welcomes international scientists using its telescopes and other installations. It is also very active in teaching and training, and remains the only active observatory in the world which can be visited.

Astronomic Center

 The astronomic center has been created to discharge the observatory and assures its mission to make science comprehensible for everybodyby welcoming pupils and tourists throughout the year. Every year in july, august and september, it organizes the traditional Astro summer festival.​

Colorado Provencal in Rustrel

Un ocher site in Rustrel, in the heart of the Luberon.The provencal Colorado, or Ochers of Rustrel, is a semi-natural site, as it had been exploited since the 18th century up to 1992 when the last professional ocher retired.

Priory of Salagon in Mane

Classified in 1981 as historic monument, the church of Salagon constitutes, together with the Ganagobie monastery one of the most remarkable testimonies of medieval times in our region.
​Discover the monument, the museum, the gardens and more : the soul of a site enlightening the links between nature, history and Man.

Museum of Prehistory in ​ Quinson

Thousand millenia of human history

Jean Giono Center in Manosque

​The Jean Giono center, located at the entrance to the old center of Manosque, is a space four research and cultural animation. Many events are organized there throughout the year to promote the work of Jean Giono to a wide audience : exhibitions, scenic course, literary walks, readings, educational activities as well as guided tours of the writer's house...

Bookstore Le Bleuet in Banon

Le Bleuet is a bookstore founded in 1990 by Joël Gattefossé place Saint-Just à Banon. It is the biggest independent French bookstore in rural areas. A cozy atmosphere generaliste with literary works, youth, comics, fine arts, poetry and cinema. It is open every day (Monday to Sunday, holidays included) from10a.m. to 7p.m. , in July and August up to 8p.m.

Valsaintes Abbey

Valsaintes is a cistertian abbey inhabitated by monks from the 12th century up to the French revolution.A garden, a church and a memory of menkind. At about 600 metres , called since ages « vallée de l'Absinthe » this valley dominates a sacred land from stone age up to today. 

Tourist information

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